There are several sites that give ideas for the Welcome - follow the links in the cell church sites on the Links page.

Some people are tempted not to use ‘Ice-breaker’ questions, thinking they are childish. However, they do help even the best of friends to get to know each other better, and thus help to build community. They also can help shy people to break their silence in a non threatening way.

Some welcome ideas are below. For ideas for particular Bible passages, follow the links in the Word section

  1. Think of a question related to the theme for the teaching - e.g. If teaching on Matthew 5:1-11 ask ‘What has made you happy recently?’

  2. Ask each member, ‘If you were a car (plant / animal / whatever) what would you be and why?’ (Especially suitable for a group with car mad folk in it!)

  3. If you could be anywhere else in the world, where would you be and why?

  4. Tell us one good thing and one bad thing about last week.

  5. What music did you listen to in your teens?

  6. Who in history is a hero for you?

  7. Whom (apart from Jesus) have you looked up to as a role model?

  8. Can you think of a time when someone ‘made a stand’ about an issue, in a way that impressed you?

  9. Is there any occasion that you remember because you were not ready for it?

  10. Has anything happened or been said to you recently which has been a real blessing to you?

  11. What was the gift at Christmas that gave you most pleasure in giving, and what gave you most pleasure receiving?

  12. If you had to suddenly flee to another country, what would one thing would you most want to take with you, and what would you be most glad to leave behind?

  13. Describe a situation when you felt affirmed.

  14. If there was one gift or talent that you would like to have, what would it be and why?

  15. Describe (very briefly) a time when you have had to change direction in your life.

  16. Who was the first person, or what was the first animal or object, that you remember loving outside your close family?

  17. Can you tell us of a piece of good news that you could not keep to yourself, but had to pass on?

  18. Describe a time when you experienced really scary or exhilarating weather.

  19. 'But love is blind, and lovers cannot see the pretty follies that themselves commit.' (The Merchant of Venice.) Can you give an example of a 'pretty folly' done by a lover? (Yourself, perhaps?)

  20. Who in your life has been a memorable neighbour?

  21. How did you start following Jesus? If you have not started, what might persuade you?

  22. Say a little about a family which you admire or have admired

  23. Spread out pictures of Jesus. Ask the members to choose the one that appeals most to them, and to say why they chose it. (Pictures can be seen by clicking HERE.)

  24. Ask each member to tell the group (briefly) of a memorable welcome - maybe when they received a welcome, or gave a welcome, or saw it happening.

  25. Tell the group about a pleasant surprise you have had.

  26. Can you remember a conversation with someone which was particularly significant for you?

  27. Tell us about a time when you were followed, either by animals or people. What did it feel like?

  28. Have you had an experience in the dark that was amusing or frightening or otherwise memorable?

  29. 'You become like those you spend time with.' Can you think of anyone of whom this is true?

  30. If God were to ask you what one object (not person or pet) you would like him to include in a new creation, what would you say?

  31. Complete the sentence, 'I feel nearest to heaven when I...'

  32. What is the most beautiful sight you have ever seen?

  33. Have you had an experience of the 'supernatural'? Tell us about it.

  34. If you could put one question to a panel of experts who knew all the answers to everything, what would it be?

  35. We don't like receiving criticism. Think of one time when you found a criticism helpful.

  36. What is your favourite (or least favourite) proverb or saying?

  37. Tell us about a journey you have made to see or do something special.

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